09 May 2014

reading rainbow - 9 may 2014.

Well, dear friends, only six and a half months of being homeless for us! We have officially signed on our new house! Which one? Well, for those of you who guessed House #3, you were right!

We'll be back next week to give you a run-down on the rental negotiation process and a full tour of our new digs. But for now, enjoy the weekend with these interesting reads!

#1, #2, & #3: Malaria is annoying.
Michael and I know this all too well, as we both experienced malaria in the same week! It wasn't fun, folks. Bill Gates explains the facts around malaria and Tanzanians reiterated it's not just a health issue, it's a business issue too.

Source: Gates Notes

#4: Can Tanzania achieve contraceptive prevalence targets?
The Tanzanian government committed to meeting the family planning needs of at least 60% of child-bearing women in the nation by 2015. Is it achievable?

Source: USAID

#5: Zanzibar should be in our future. 
We've heard rave reviews of the islands off of Tanzania and this 36-hour tour from the New York Times only makes us think about a visit more.

Source: Diego Ibarra Sanchez

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