16 May 2014

reading rainbow - 16 may 2014.

T.G.I.F. Celebrate with some interesting weekend reads. The latest edition of Reading Rainbow is below.

#1: Where does your tax money go?
Check out how much good your tax dollars do with this tax calculator.

Photo Credit: ONE

#2: Does the Bible demand a redistribution of wealth?
Speaking in front of several United Nations agency leaders, Pope Francis asked those present to resist participating in an "economy of exclusion" and strive to have "a real impact on the structural causes of poverty and hunger." Pope Francis argued that the Bible demands an economic system that cares for the "poorest and those most excluded."

Photo Credit: Think Progress

#3: Did you know that albinism is far more common here in Tanzanian than the United States?
Well it's true. And unfortunately more Tanzanian witch doctors were arrested over killing an albino woman. This needs to stop.

Photo Credit: AFP/Milliyet Daily

#4: What does family planning have to do with the environment?
The Vatican recently concluded a joint meeting that discussed sustainable humanity, sustainable nature, and our responsibility. This article suggests that family planning is the Vatican's blind spot on the environment.

Photo Credit: Catholic Social Teaching

#5: It is time to act on climate change.
The most recent National Climate Assessment makes it clear that the emission of carbon gases - particularly from automobiles and coal-burning power plants - is causing climate change. It's time we put all hands on deck to reduce emissions and prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Photo Credit: Commonweal Magazine

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