17 October 2016

culture, tradition and knockin' boots.

When you are committed to long-term work in a developing country, the reality of affecting change in the lives of those with whom you live and serve can be daunting. Sometimes, I jealously look in the direction of folks who arrive for a short stay of one or two months in Tanzania, to do their work and then, jet back out. I envy how easy it can be to jump in and out of different worlds. At the same time, I think it's an approach that can lack the depth and nuance necessary to be a part of something that brings about real and lasting differences.

I sound pretty serious, huh?

In all honesty, these thoughts were inspired by a humorous but very honest conversation I had with the young women in my program, the LULU Project, within the last week. It reminded me of the difficulties surrounding long-term mission, the strength of culture and tradition, and the importance to try again and again to understand another people.