20 February 2017

this ain’t yo’ great-aunt mildred’s definition of pro-life.

That is not the first time Billy Joel has been quoted on this blog. His lyrical relevance persists. A cursory read of news headlines and social media sharing suggests our world - and in particular the current state of the U.S. - is at a cataclysmic nexus point. Some days Ashley and I really do feel this way, wondering if we are actually living in "real life." But we are trying to keep our chin up, especially in light of welcoming little Fiona into this world! 

The reality is everything is not all doom and gloom. Global living conditions are steadily improving. A headline will seldom shed light on this fact, because news is shared one event at a time. A broader, more long-term perspective is needed.

source: our world in data

Yet, even if conditions in our world are improving, we cannot hide behind statistics. If we truly wish to see a better world, we must recognize that personal and social transformation go hand in hand. If we wish to improve life, then we must not only be life-giving, but also actively promote and accompany communities that share this same unwavering commitment upholding the dignity of all life. 

06 February 2017

we made a little human!

Three and a half years ago, Ashley and I announced that we were quitting our jobs and moving to Tanzania to live and work among poor and marginalized communities as Maryknoll Lay Missioners. Most everyone thought we were total cray-cray, and rightfully so. 

We said that we were setting out to embrace the unknown road ahead with a spirit of adventure, and friends and family assured us we were likely in for quite the adventure. But who knew this adventure would include welcoming a little human into the world? 

Meet Fiona Henning Leen - she's awesome!