02 May 2014

reading rainbow - 2 may 2014.

What are you doing this weekend? Looking for some interesting reads to power you through your Friday? Then keep reading below!

#1: Tanzania has some of the most chronically undernourished children in the world.
43,000 Tanzanian children die every year due to Vitamin A deficiency alone. Aside from the emotional toll, nutrient deficiency is costing the nation billions.

Photo Credit: TNT

#2: What does love look like after 50 years of marriage?
This photographic series of "love letters" seeks to answer that question.

Photo Credit: Lauren Fleishman

#3: Did you know that 168 million children around the world are enslaved?
Well, it's true, and Tanzania is fighting child labor from all fronts.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

#4: How should women act on a date?
Here are thirteen ridiculous dating tips for ladies from the year 1938.

Photo Credit: Some E-Cards

#5: Mob justice continues to tarnish Tanzania.
It is not uncommon for Tanzanians to take the law into their own hands and kill others. Such mob justice mentality threatens Tanzania's standing in the international community.

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