22 February 2016

the heartbreaks continue.

One of the unintended consequences of living among extreme poverty is its tendency to produce a numbness to the plight of those around you, and the danger of no longer sympathizing with the reality of their life. But thankfully, our hearts continue to break.

Our neighbors in Mabatini live in very simple homes, most characterized by four concrete walls, a concrete floor and a tin roof. Still others live in mud-brick homes. Virtually all of them live day-to-day, doing whatever small work they can to earn - quite literally - their daily bread.

08 February 2016

home visits of young mothers in mahina and bugarika.

Sometimes it takes a face. 

When you see another person you can feel their humanness. If you meet them, you experience them in some way. Tanzanians know very well the importance of relationships: visiting and spending time with family, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers. It is a beautiful gift that Tanzania has given us.

young mother named happiness with her daughter and two parents.