21 March 2016

our namibian adventure.

When normal people think about where they want to go for vacation, they probably think about finding a nice spot on a beach where they can laze around and do nothing for a few weeks. But if you're reading this blog, you've probably already realized that we're not super normal. (No additional commentary needed, thank you very much!)

When we thought about where we wanted to go for our big vacation this year, we thought about scorching hot temperatures, the potential for scorpions and snakes, and sleeping in a tiny, tiny tent for two weeks. Sounds like fun, no?

We found all of these things, and so much more, during our 11-day road trip across Namibia, in southwestern Africa, racking up 2,361 miles (3,800 kilometers) and seeing a lot more of the continent in the process.

07 March 2016

why did the goats cross the road?

After over two years of living in Tanzania, life has really normalized for Michael and me. Things or circumstances that once inspired shock, surprise, or even fear are now completely commonplace.

I was reminded of this at the beginning of January, when we hosted a new missioner for his first week in Tanzania. After going on a walk through our neighborhood, he remarked, "That walk would be overwhelming to anyone visiting here for the first time!" Our response was, "Seriously? What's so weird about it?"

Just like everything in life, eventually, it becomes routine. Every once in a while, however, I still have experiences or conversations that shock me back into mission life. In those moments, I'm reminded, "Oh yeah… we're not in Kansas anymore."

how you build a house in mwanza, tanzania.