07 March 2014

reading rainbow - 7 march 2014.

In case you are just tuning-in, Ashley and I have started a new weekly-ish series called Reading Rainbow.

Roughly every Friday, we'll post links to five articles/blogs/stories that we really enjoyed. Some will be Tanzania-centric. Some will be about the homeland. But mostly, it'll just be a good way for you to procrastinate and not do work on Friday afternoon. Cool? Cool.

Oh, and in case you missed our first Reading Rainbow, you can hit that up here.

#1: What is the one thing that Christians should stop saying?
Chances are you are already saying it. We're just as guilty. Christian or not, this is an interesting read on the one thing Christians should stop saying. Oh, after you read that article, you too may feel that Mister Fred Rogers puts an interesting spin on the same jargon. Or you can just see what he has to say in the sketch below.

#2: If you want to see the mysteries of the universe, head to a place without artificial lighting.
Landscape and astro photographer Nicholas Buer (is that seriously this guy's title?) has captured some of the most incredible images of the night sky. These spectacular starry skies convey the essence of the universe. While we have not yet seen the likes of the below, living in a country with limited lighting and frequent electricity outages has its nighttime advantages.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Buer

#3: This desert will take your breath away, but not because of heat exhaustion.
We have our fair share of brown dirt here in this Tanzanian village, but nothing that resembles this monumental piece of land art in the Eastern Sahara desert in Egypt.

Photo Credit: Danae Stratou

#4: Who am I to judge?
These now-famous five words from Pope Francis electrified a fury of conversation around homosexuality, particularly in the Catholic Church. Most recently, America Magazine published an article that takes a look at the issue of homosexuality in light of new laws passed in Uganda criminalizing this sexual orientation.

Photo Credit: America The National Catholic Review

#5: Is justice worth it?
This two-minute video from World Relief reflects on this question "Is justice worth it?" in light of opposition stating how little progress is made over long periods of time. We'll let you decide.

Photo Credit: World Relief

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