28 February 2014

reading rainbow - 28 february 2014.

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Let's try a little something new, shall we? 

Every week, Michael and I do a lotto reading. Because we are nerds. Oh, and because we don't have a television. So the internet is our only way of getting news.

And we read good stuff! We have good taste! But we'll let you be the judge. 

Every Friday-ish, we'll post links to five articles and/or blog posts and/or stories and/or messages-by-pigeon-carrier that we really enjoyed. Some will be Tanzania-centric. Some will be about the homeland. But mostly, it'll just be a good way for you to procrastinate and not do work on Friday afternoon. Amiright?

Let's call this the Reading Rainbow. As an homage to Levar Burton and everything he did for American children stuck at home without cable. (I led a sheltered life.)

#1: February 6th was International Day to End Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision. 
Sound scary? It is. I'm planning a future post on FGM but for now, read a bit about maternal health here, written by Molly Melching, the founder of the amazing Tostan and a resident of Africa for 40 years.

Photo Credit: Half the Sky Movement.

#2: Is foreign aid a waste?
Bill and Melinda Gates don't seem to think so and they outline their thoughts beautifully in the annual letter from their foundation. They also take the time to de-bunk two additional myths regarding international development. Myth #2 is a great place to start.

Photo Credit: The Rotary Club of Coolamon

#3: What does delivering babies look like in Tanzania?
This short interview with a Tanzanian midwife gives insight into a country where there are only four midwives for every 10,000 pregnant women. These homegirls have their work cut out for them! Especially when there is (often) no electricity.

Photo Credit: The Telegraph UK

#4: How do you move money in a country where only eight percent of the population has a bank account? With mobile phones of course. And hey, a smartphone isn't even required.

#5: And for fun! Because February 5th was International Nutella Day, everyone should find an amazing recipe with Nutella in it and eat it in my honor. Sadly, no Nutella yet to be found in Tanzania. This seems like a good one to me.

Photo Credit: Melty Buzz


  1. I read the midwife article which was very interesting! The woman interviewed is clearly very good at her job and has a strong desire for continued education. Very cool!

    1. Glad you liked it, Joanne! I am continuously amazed by the strength of Tanzanian women, through stories like this. Hope you and the rest of the family are well!