21 March 2014

reading rainbow - 21 march 2014.

Welcome to another installment of Reading Rainbow, a weekly-ish series in which Ashley and I share links to five articles/blogs/stories that we really enjoyed. Read on below!

#1: Is it more expensive to be poor than to not be poor?
Barbara Ehrenreich, perhaps best known for her book Nickel and Dimed, recently wrote an article for The Atlantic saying that it is expensive to be poor. How? Read the article to find out.

Photo Credit: Barbara Reis

#2: Speaking of being poor, crippling poverty threatens Tanzania.
More than 50 years after independence, Tanzania remains a nation with an overwhelmingly and desperately poor majority.

#3: After one-year in office, Pope Francis offers a breath of fresh air in a 2,000 year-old Church.
Let's be clear: Pope Francis has not altered Church doctrine. However, Pope Francis has brought a new tone and a shift in emphasis that has been breathtaking.

Photo Credit: Telegraph

#4: New video from Kid President. Enough said.
Who is Kid President? Well, we linked to him on our About page. Still don't know? Then just watch this video from Kid President to a person on their first day here. #thekidsneedtoknow

Photo Credit: Soul Pancake

#5: Tanzania is writing a new constitution...and it's not off to a great start.
Speaking of elected officials, the Tanzanian government is the midst of drafting a new constitution meant to help the country cope with prevailing challenges of the times. Unfortunately, it does not sound like things are off to a great start. For example, those chosen to help draft the new constitution have yet to begin work as they are arguing over their daily allowance of 183 USD. Not too shabby for one day's work...or lack there of.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

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