25 April 2014

reading rainbow - 25 april 2014.

I'm sorry. I must have missed a step. How is it already Friday?!?

We're officially settling into our new life in Mwanza and it is no simple transition. Bear with us. We're putting together some great posts on house hunting and our trip out to the the boondocks for Easter. In the meantime, why don't you check out these great articles, hand-picked just for you? Cheers!

#1: This is what forgiveness looks like.
Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, a New York Times photographer returned to document survivors and perpetrators of violence... together.  I couldn't tear myself away from these pictures.

Source: Pieter Hugo
#2: How much does it cost to save a life?
In honor of Immunization Week, UNICEF recently crunched some numbers regarding vaccines needed the world over... and how much it would cost to save just one more life. The answer? Not much.

Source: Children's Healthcare Blog
#3: In what way is Africa ahead of the Western World?
Surprisingly, in a small sliver of the technology industry, Africa is bounding ahead of the United States and Europe, through the use of mobile money and cell phones. How did they do it?

Source: Mike McQuade
#4: Where can you find child marriage?
We talked about child marriage in last week's Reading Rainbow, but I couldn't pass up these stunning pictures that make this injustice all too real, from India to Malawi to Palestine. And it happens in Tanzania too.

Source: Amit Dave
#5: One year later. 
Michael and I were thrilled to see this year's Boston Marathon go off without a hitch and wish we could have celebrated with those at our beloved alma mater. This amazing story documents one married couple, who also hail from BC, and their incredibly brave journey after the marathon.

Source: Allana Taranto

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