11 April 2014

reading rainbow - 11 april 2014.

Eeeeeeeeee! We're home free people! By the time this post goes up on the inter-web, Michael and I will have made a mad dash off the small campus of our language school, shouting "UHURU!" (This means freedom in Kiswahili, just in case you didn't catch that.)

Thus, we start our journey to Mwanza, the place we will call home for at least the next three years. What better way to celebrate than with some awesomely curated articles for your reading pleasure? Enjoy, dear ones!

#1. Why do girls in developing countries stop attending school?
Unlikely answer: Because they reach the age of menstruation and their schools aren't equipped with the water, sanitary pads, and bathrooms that they need! Find out how Lorrie King, along with nine other amazing women, are helping women to flourish all around the world. (They're all great stories, but Lorrie's is my favorite.)

Source: CNN

#2: Did you know 1 in every 2,000 Tanzanians is albino?
This statistic is substantially higher than in the United States, where one of about 17,000 people is albino. Due to continuing tribal beliefs about albinism, Tanzanian albinos are shunned and forced out of their communities. This story documents the life of 70 albinos living together in northwestern Tanzania.

Source: Jacquelyn Martin

#3: By 2030, which continent will be the leader of greenhouse gas emissions?
Answer: Africa. Although the Tanzania we've seen isn't industrialized at all, the local lifestyle is not eco-friendly, to say the least. Will it be able to change?

Source: The Wilson Center

#4: The United States looks delicious as a food map.
Artists, Levin and Hargreaves, put together gorgeous foods maps of countries and continents around the globe. It's a beautiful and fascinating take on learning where our food comes from!

Source: Levin and Hargreaves

#5: How much of the United States budget goes to foreign aid?
Watch to find out.

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