13 November 2013

the photos of autumn…and a little winter too.

Ashley and I decided it's about time we share more photos of our life to balance out the myriad of other post topics.

So here you go: a sprinkling of photos taken during our first five and a half weeks of orientation with Maryknoll Lay Missioners. Enjoy!

hiking at sal j. prezioso mountain lakes park!

more hiking at sal j. prezioso mountain lakes park! 

we never did find a mountain at the mountain lakes park, but we did find this lake so at least part of the name is right. 

maryknoll fathers and brothers seminary building…pretty amazing.

north county trailway where ashley goes running and i go walking.

union church of pocantico hills with the famous chagall and matisse stained glass windows.

old sign for the old dutch church of sleep hollow…almost as creepy as the place itself.

view of the cemetery adjacent to the old dutch church of sleepy hollow.

gate to the irving family burial site at the sleepy hollow cemetery.

washington irving's grave - the man behind the headless horseman. 

speaking of the headless horseman, there he is!

turkeys hanging out behind the old cloister building where we live during orientation.

cafe lalo banner in manhattan - who knows what movie made this place famous?

okay let me tell you - you've got mail starring tom hanks and meg ryan.

all of the awesome folks in our orientation class.
from left to right: joe, michael, ashley, peter, evey, melissa, eli, hang, karen, kristle, caitlin.

that's us! ashley is beautiful! does michael have a beard?

view from our bedroom on the first day of snow of the year: november 12

november 12 is special. not just because it snowed. but because it was our 100 month anniversary. yes, i kept track.

peaceful light snowfall on the grounds of the maryknoll sisters where we are staying. life is good.

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