13 June 2014

reading rainbow - 13 june 2014.

After a few-week hiatus, Reading Rainbow is back making this Friday the 13th a good one. Check out the latest five weekend reads below!

#1: Over one hundred children die every day in Tanzania due to malnutrition.
These children starve to death and their plight seldom makes the news.

Photo Credit: TNT

#2: Who is ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup? 
The World Cup just started. Here's why Brazilians aren't as excited as you are.

Photo Credit: Paulo Ito

#3: Tanzania is looking to China for tourism and investment.
From my conversations with Tanzanians, most do not seem too keen on the ever-growing presence of Chinese-led infrastructure projects and low-cost consumer goods.  But in Tanzania, all eyes are on Chinese tourists and investments.

Photo Credit: IPP Media

#4: Do poor countries have too many entrepreneurs?
I teach entrepreneurship and help young women start group enterprises in Tanzania. This article argues that such an approach may not be the best way to develop a poor economy. I have my thoughts, but because we like to present both sides on our blog, I am sharing it here.

Photo Credit: Foreign Policy

#5: Something to celebrate in Tanzania?
Tanzania has managed to reduce maternal deaths by two-thirds.

Photo Credit: GSMA

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